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Christopher Wilson Photography is situated in the Blue Mountains, Australia.  Photography has been a passion of mine for many years, but work etc got in the way until now. Having moved out of the big smoke to the top of the mountains the passion has been rekindled. This site has examples of my work. My main passion is landscape photography so there are many photos taken not only in the Blue Mountains both also from right around Australia. I also do commissioned work and while there are galleries of this work they are locked for client access only. You can access my work by clicking on the Photography Portfolios Link about and then choose the Gallery category you wish to look at. 

I do hope you enjoy my work. \

All the photographs in the accessible galleries on this site can be purchased as prints directly from the site.  As well digital versions are available as well.

If you have other special requirements then please email me  or contract me on my mobile. My details are on the about page.